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SuperOffice Outlook Mail Link


Installing, Upgrading or Re-installing?

From SuperOffice SIX you may choose to install Outlook Mail link during setup, and we will then configure SuperOffice for you.

Before you install

This installation will place the SuperOffice SIX Outlook mail link on your server installation of SuperOffice SIX. If this is an upgrade of the link, the existing files may be open by other users. If any of the files are open, the upgrade will fail. To make sure the files are closed, all users running SuperOffice SIX from the file server directly (users without a local client installation) cannot have either SuperOffice SIX or Outlook started.

Install Outlook Mail Link         

If you install or upgrade to SIX or newer all files you need are already installed.

Run Setup.EXE from the root folder on the SuperOffice Mail Link CD and follow the instructions on the screen. Verify that the directories suggested as your central SuperOffice program directory and your central SuperOffice Template directory are correct before you complete the installation.


If you have problems with Outlook Mail Link you may remove the com adding from Outlook under Tools - Options/ Tools - Trust center. During the next restart of Outlook and SuperOffice it should be added again. You may also add the SO5Outl.dll directly.
Note - from 6.2 you have to add the OutlookInstallWrapper.dll instead of SO5Outl.dll, trying to add SO5Outl.dll will give you the error "is not a valid com add-in". This is because Outlook Mail Link for 6.2 is now a .Net application. Mscoree.dll = Microsoft .net Runtime Execution Engine
Used by Microsoft .Net Framework when running programs written in .Net

Configure SuperOffice SIX

After the installation has completed, start the SuperOffice CRM Admin client. You now have to perform the following two steps before the installation is completed.

· Defining new mail templates
· Setting Outlook Mail link preferences

Defining new mail templates

Start the admin client and select lists from the navigator. Double-click on the list "Template" to get a list of active document templates. Add or edit the following two templates:

Inc E-mail


"Inc E-mail" is the type all messages you archive from Outlook will get in the SuperOffice CRM 5 document archive.

You may use a different Name, Default our reference and Description, but Filename, Direction, Record type and Save to database have to have the values listed in the figure above.



"E-mail" is the type all messages you create from SuperOffice or Outlook will get in the SuperOffice CRM 5 document archive.

You may use a different Name, Default our reference and Description, but Filename, Direction, Record type and Save to database have to have the values listed in the figure above.

Setting Outlook Mail link preferences
The last part if the installation is to activate Outlook 2000 as the default e-mail client in SuperOffice CRM 5. In the SuperOffice CRM 5 Admin client, select "Preferences" from navigator. Select group "E-mail" from the "View group"-dropdown.

The following system wide settings should be set:



Send documents with *


Send fax with *


Send new mail with *


Update inbox periodically


"Use Inbox" / "E-mail client" from 6.3


E-mail client installed


Fax software installed


* These preferences are no longer in use from version 6.3

** This should only be set if you have a fax plug-in installed in Outlook 2000.



Installation on the clients

All clients will automatically get the SuperOffice Outlook Mail Link installed the next time they Start CRM 5 when connected to the network.

SOLoader.EXE performs this because the server installation has modified the SOLoader.INI file. The user may have to reboot the computer as a result of this installation.

Adding new mail templates to SuperOffice

Outlook Mail Link offers the possibility to write emails using SuperOffice e-mail templates. For more information on this subject, please look in the Outlook Mail Link Userguide.

Technical notes

Here are some technical notes about the installation.

Used technology

The SuperOffice Outlook Mail Link is based on a COM wrapper of the Outlook MAPI library called Redemption. This is a 3.rd party module.


SuperOffice Outlook Mail Link contains the following files all located in the SuperOffice program directory:






CRM 5 Mail plug-in




Outlook COM add-in




CRM 5 Mail plug-in




COM wrapper to MAPI interface




Installing and verifying installation




Create Outlook mail from .SOMail format




Configure dialog




Help file



Uninstall Outlook Mail Link on the clients.

To uninstall the SuperOffice Mail Link from all clients the following steps have to be performed:

In the Client\SOLoader.INI file in the central SuperOffice Program directory, remove the following lines from the [Files]-section:

On all clients that are running SIX go into Outlook and from the "Tools"-menu select "Options". Select the Tab called "Other" and press the button called "Advanced Options". Now press the button called "COM Add-Ins", select "SuperOffice CRM5 add-in for Outlook 2000" and press "Remove". The mail link works both on CRM 5 and SIX.

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